Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Actually working on Vogue 755 coat!

I pulled that coat out of the drawer it lives in and am working on it! I started this coat when we lived in New Orleans over five years ago and have since gotten married, had a baby who is almost two, gotten laid off and rehired, etc. Here is post detailing my (lack of) progress so far: click here!

 Here is the long ago pattern for a coat dress. I lengthened the sleeves.

After some careful consideration, I have decided to not do the collar and cuff detail. The wool is too thick and the cuffs I made looked costume-like and awful. That was the point I stopped before it got shoved back in the drawer.  I added the facings, although they haven't been pressed or anything; the ironing board is still on the back porch because we put the Xmas tree in the dining room. 

I think it looks vintage, in an elegant way right now. The cuff and contrast collar put it over the top into the range of vintage clothes that I don't like anymore. When I started the coat, I was happy to sew vintage patterns and wear them no matter how silly they looked (and my middle school students were super enthusiastic!). I am older now and it's not my jam anymore. 

 The back darts and the pockets at the waist did not line up perfectly. I was annoyed with Past Molly and her lazy sewing, until I took them all out numerous times and tries to fix them. The left pocket is 90% better as well as the left dart. The right dart is still a little off, but it was the best I can do. The right pocket is improved, but still far from perfect. There are so many layers of heavy (underlined) wool that my poor Singer (a champ of a machine) can barely press through it and it was absolutely infuriating. So, I will live with imperfection.

I ordered plum Bemberg lining from Vogue Fabrics and am waiting for it to arrive.

Two hopes for tips:

1.Bagging a lining - Can you believe I have never done that? I rarely make jackets and I think I hand sewed the whole cape lining which was horrific. Tips? Good tutorials?

2. Online resources for buttons for this coat. I am kind of thinking brass or metal with a vintage feel? I am going to simplify the number of buttons down from 15. Cost is not really a large factor because they are the focal point of the coat.

Happy New Year to you all!!


  1. Hey welcome back. Happy new year too. No tips sorry. I 'bagged' a coat years (only 7) ago but that was before I had heard of sewing blogs and just winged it. It's not 100% but it's ok. Good on you for redoing some of previous Molly's sewing. Don't know if I would have done that.


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